Istanbul's Record Exports: Nearly 100 Billion!

January 10, 2023 2 minute read

The exports of Istanbul-based companies increased by 12% in 2022 to reach 99.4 billion dollars compared to 2021.


According to data from the Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM), the exports of Istanbul-based companies, which play an important role in global trade, increased by 12% in 2022 compared to the previous year, reaching 99.4 billion dollars.

Istanbul was followed by Kocaeli with 19.2 billion dollars, Bursa with 16.2 billion dollars, Izmir with 13.9 billion dollars, Ankara with 11.6 billion dollars, Gaziantep with 10.5 billion dollars, Manisa with 5.2 billion dollars, Sakarya with 4.9 billion dollars, Denizli with 4.7 billion dollars and Hatay with 3.6 billion dollars.

The share of Istanbul-based companies in Turkey's exports was 39.1% last year, and they reached their products to 234 points around the world.

Number One in Export Increase

Last year, Istanbul-based companies achieved the highest export increase. In 2022, the exports of Istanbul-based companies increased by 10 billion 649 million dollars compared to 2021.

Istanbul was followed by Ankara with 2 billion 268 million dollars, Kocaeli with 2 billion 190 million dollars, Izmir with 1 billion 703 million dollars, Bursa with 931 million 765 thousand dollars, Adana with 517 million 103 thousand dollars, Gaziantep with 430 million 440 thousand dollars, Mersin with 398 million 436 thousand dollars, Konya with 266 million 705 thousand dollars, and Kayseri with 248 million 972 thousand dollars.

Most Exports from the Chemical Sector

Sectoral based, last year, companies in Istanbul that operate in the field of chemicals and chemical products made the most export. In 2022, chemical and chemical product companies in the city realized 17 billion 657 million dollars in exports.

The chemical and chemical product sector was followed by the ready-to-wear and clothing sector with 14 billion 718 million dollars, the steel sector with 10 billion 201 million dollars, the iron and non-ferrous metal sector with 7 billion 818 million dollars, and the electric and electronic sector with 7 billion 668 million dollars.

This shows that the industrial sector has an important share in Istanbul's exports.

Most Demand from Germany

Last year, the highest demand for Istanbul-based companies' products came from Germany. In 2022, Istanbul sent 8 billion 352 million dollars worth of products to Germany.

Germany was followed by the US with 5 billion 679 million dollars, the United Kingdom with 5 billion dollars, Italy with 4 billion 418 million dollars, and Spain with 3 billion 910 million dollars.